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Living Room Pack

What ambience do you want for your living room? Do you need to match a velvet sofa with a plexiglass table or a leather armchair with a beechwood console? If you want to either just temporarily furnish your living room or for the long term, the perfect solution is to choose a Living Room Pack from Move&Rent.

Change the ambience of your living room

Who has never dreamed of changing his or her surroundings? Sitting on a cosy sofa that’s comfier than the current one, replacing the old family chest of drawers that takes up too much space and clashes with everything, changing the style of your living room by opting for one or more rugs with different patterns and of different origins. These are probably ideas that have crossed your mind and that you have simply forgotten or discarded for lack of time and energy.

With Move&Rent, you can now make this a reality. The ambience packs include brand-new, high quality furniture, manufactured by some of the great names in furniture: Gautier or IKEA. These offer you a wide choice of sofas, armchairs, tables, lighting and storage options for your living room in different designs, compositions and colours.

Rent your Living Room Pack

Explore the catalogue of possibilities. Rent the furniture you need to furnish or transform your living room from top to bottom. Three showcases featuring different styles and materials are available to you. They comprise all the usual furniture that make up a living room except it is all brand-new furniture. If you prefer to mix ambiences by combining this exotic coffee table with this functional pouffe or this floor lamp used for reading when sitting on this corner sofa: everything is possible. You can customise your decor as you wish.


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