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Bedroom Pack

To furnish a bedroom, you’d think that all you need would be a double bed and linens, a chest of drawers for underwear storage, a wardrobe and a few clothes racks as temporary storage and you're finished. It's much more complicated than that though because you have to know how to match the right mattress to the right box spring, the height of the bedside table with the height of the bed and choose suitable warm light fittings.

A well-co-ordinated bedroom

As a space to decompress and have some privacy, a bedroom should reflect the various tastes of its occupants. All tastes and preferences for bedroom ambience can be satisfied by our well-co-ordinated showcase selections. Ambience because everything is so well thought out and arranged that time spent in the bedroom is truly relaxing and restful. Starting with the choice of colours, then the choice of materials. Our selections consist of a bed with matching frame, a chest of drawers or smart storage, a chair or armchair and other useful accessories. All this furniture is new and designed by renowned furniture manufacturers such as Gautier or IKEA.

The solution: the adult bedroom pack!

We offer you a range of pre-selected designer your adult bedroom furniture to choose from. You can choose one of our completely new styles which will be delivered to you, installed in your home, and then collected for return and exchange on whichever day you want. If you prefer making your own choice from the various furniture options available, simply create your own combination which will then be delivered to you in the same way.


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