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Having a home office means choosing a desk, an office chair: wheeled or free-standing, storage furniture, bookcases\shelves and various other accessories. The furniture must be complementary in style and function to provide a tranquil and productive environment, all illuminated by lighting tailored to the workspace.

If you want to dedicate a room in your home into an office, it’s advisable to combine equipment composed of several elements. Let's begin with the desk itself: you can choose, for example, a desk made of natural wood or a modern design made of a less fragile material. The office chair usually matches the desk but can also be a desk pedestal be gentle on your shins yet functional and spacious. Even the selection of the wastepaper basket is worth thinking about. Quality furniture is designed by leading furniture brands to be functional in use. IKEA and Gautier office products can be found in our fully comprehensive office environment section.

Rent your office pack

To work peacefully means choosing the turnkey rental formula offered by Move&Rent. The range of different office packs will guarantee you a comfortable environment for optimal work. You can customise your selection of furniture and accessories to create your own office world. This brand-new equipment will be delivered and installed by our teams. It will then be removed as and when you see fit. You will now be able to work peacefully in an accommodating environment yet change it if all or any of its elements do not meet your requirements.


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