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Child's Bedroom Pack

A child's bedroom is where your child spends much of his\her time. Here, his\her world comprises a few pieces of furniture and accessories. A child's bed, a chest of drawers, bookcases, a desk, and often a rug that will make the room feel warmer.

Your child's room evolves over time

As your child grows, things will start to seem smaller. The furniture becomes boring and is inadequate, even the bed is too short, for the child's new needs. The furniture’s colours and materials change in line with the child’s growing maturity. Games and toys, on the other hand, are no longer needed because they are no longer age appropriate. The rug with the urban circuit design might be replaced by a more classic one or one featuring the latest celebrity. Choosing one of our ambience packs, composed of the best quality furniture from the best manufacturers Gautier and IKEA, will provide you with a perfectly equipped and nicely furnished child's room.

The pack is the ideal solution

Out-dated or unsuitable equipment must be replaced as the child develops. If you owned everything, you would have to try to sell it to pay towards new and more suitable furniture or simply give it away. This is the advantage of ordering a Move&Rent child's bedroom pack made from the materials and in the colours that you like. We will deliver your selected new furniture to your home, install it and then replace it as many times as necessary for the ongoing and proper development of your child. Make your choice from our four furniture packs varieties. There’s something for all budgets: from entry-level to top-of-the-range and even a set of furniture that can be customised.

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