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One-Bedroom Flat Pack

As a young student, you don't have the time to worry about furnishing your flat whilst you're studying. How can you be sure that the bed won’t take up too much of your storage space or that the sofa will leave enough room for the dining area?

Choosing a pack is simplicity itself.

Move&Rent makes it easy for you: by choosing the option to rent furniture, you will have a brand-new set of high-quality furniture, manufactured by Gautier or IKEA, which is provided in the form of a pack. Several packs are available to suit different tastes depending on the materials and styles that you require. They are comprehensive and have all the essentials necessary for the comfort and functional use of a one bedroom flat. Nothing has been forgotten and every piece of furniture and accessories is brand-new. You are also free to assemble your own pack to create your own ambience combining different colours and styles.

Quality furniture with flexibility

Renting furniture for a one-bedroom apartment gives you the opportunity to transform your room whenever you want. It's like moving without moving. It's about banishing bad memories associated with a piece of furniture you’ve had more than enough of. Renting furniture for your student room gives you peace of mind, knowing that you often find yourself on the other side of the country for a limited period of time.  Rather than being burdened with furniture and equipment that you won't know what to do with next, the Move&Rent rental option is obviously the best. Especially since the furniture will then be given a second life on the second-hand market, in line with our environmental policy.

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