How does it work?

Rent your furniture with Move&Rent?
clear, simple and fast....

How does it work?

Step 0 - City and location

Choose delivery city and planned rental period.

Step 1 - my theme

Select a theme according to specific needs or create my theme from the Move&Rent catalogue.

Step 2 - my formula

Choose my Move&Rent formula.

Step 3 - My Order

Register and confirm order.

Step 4 - Delivery

On the furniture receipt D-Day , please sign the online receipt on the website right-away!

Step 5 - End of Contract

One month before the end of my contract I can choose what to do with my furniture:

  • I love my furniture and I want to keep it - Extension of contract
  • I no longer need the furniture or I want to change it - Return furniture

Our themes by flat

Our furniture by theme and by flat

Feedback and Tips

Feedback and Tips

Your satisfaction is our priority.

Delivery 5 days a week

Delivery 5 days a week

Quality service providers to ensure your on-time delivery.