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New-born Childcare

A new-born’s arrival causes radical change in a family's way of life. In its first months of life, a baby needs very specific furniture and accessories. You can't afford to do without them.


The furniture necessary for a baby's safety consists of a cot, possibly with removable gates; an enclosed playpen from which he\she cannot escape; a high chair with an inbuilt tray for feeding time; a changing table for nappy changing and general hygiene; a plastic bath that fits into the bathroom's bath for safe and secure bathing and a baby carrier\seat that fits securely onto a rear passenger seat.

The items helpful for a baby's development can include a musical mobile to be hung above his\her cot; a development stimulating pad to be placed at the bottom of his\her playpen; various toys intended to entertain and develop his\her sensory faculties; stuffed animals; etc... Choose from the different childcare furniture offered by IKEA or Move&Rent. You can select from a wide range of models and colours.

Child’s Room

And then baby grows, much faster than you expect. The nursery must then be converted into a child’s room as the existing furniture is no longer suitable. All the aforementioned childcare equipment must be replaced as the child develops. Normally, this would mean having to sell it, or give it away, and acquire more suitable equipment. Adopting the Move&Rent solution means saving you this loss of time and money. We will deliver the new equipment of your choice to your home, install it and then replace it with others more suited to your child’s proper ongoing development as he\she grows and as many times as required and that you wish.

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