Pouffe Rental

At Move & Rent, you can rent a pouffe!

Are you a student who has to move regularly for your studies? Are you a professional and you rent unfurnished apartments for short periods because you travel a lot for work? In that case, the Move & Rent concept will certainly suit you. Should you need a pouffe, you're sure to find what you need on this page. There are a lot of choices, which is not negligible if you want to choose different styles of pouffes based on the number of rooms in your house.

Furnish your home with pretty pouffes

To create a warm and welcoming home, take a peek at Pouffe Rental. At Move & Rent, we know how difficult it can be to furnish a home quickly and cheaply. Similarly, we are well aware that when moving frequently, it is best not to get overcrowded with furniture. Thanks to Move & Rent, you can rent giant pouffes, coloured pouffes, velvet pouffes or leather pouffes very easily. This way you can change your home design at will!

Because joy should never come unaccompanied

Are you interested in renting a pouffe? If so, why not add some other furniture and accessories with your new pouffe? Indeed, in addition to a pouffe, you can, for example, also rent carpets and bedside tables for your bedroom! Should you intend to install your designer pouffes in the living room, we would recommend adding a few lights, a coffee table and a bookcase. As you can see, you can find everything at Move & Rent! It would be a shame not to take advantage of the possibilities.

Move & Rent, an innovative and very practical concept

With Move & Rent: no more headaches! Whether you are a student, a stay-at-home mum on a small budget or a professional who travels a lot, Furniture Rental is a concept that will be of great benefit to you. We offer you the option to furnish your home without breaking the bank and the ability to regularly change your home’s decor. Pouffe Rental will allow you to choose different types of pouffes according to each room and your personal tastes. Why deny yourself? Especially as we offer rental contracts ranging from one month up to a year. Afterwards, you can choose to renew the contract should you wish to keep the products for a longer period of time or to cancel, in which case we will come to collect the products from your home.

What are you waiting for?

You're about to move into a new flat and it's completely empty? If so, please visit our website immediately! You will find many everyday items of furniture. Pouffe, bedside table, coffee table, TV\Entertainment console, bed... You're spoilt for choice. Don't wait any longer, select the pouffes of your choice from this page then choose some decorative items or additional furniture. Should you have any difficulties understanding our concept or finding the products you might need, just contact us. Our advisers are available six days a week to answer all your questions!


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Delivery 5 days a week

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