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Create a comfortable home with chair rental

Everyone enjoys coming home after a hard day and settling down in a comfy chair. For good reason too as relaxing in a good armchair is beyond price! However, an armchair can be a bit cumbersome. This means that if you have to move, it could be rather complicated unless you decide to explore chair rental and all its advantages. Specifically, you can rent a comfortable armchair, modern armchair or vintage armchair according to your tastes from Move&Rent and enjoy using it until the end of your rental contract.

Are you looking for a comfortable chair? You will find it at Move&Rent

Chair rental is a concept that is likely to please you. When you’re someone who has to move frequently for work or studies, you don't necessarily want to burden yourself with personal furniture as moving can be quite complex and expensive. By renting your leather sofa from Move&Rent, you won't have that problem anymore. The principle is simple, you choose the sofa you need, you select the rental contract’s duration and we then come to deliver your brand-new armchair to your home! What more could you want? You don't have to do anything: we take care of everything.

Have you thought about renting the rest of your furniture?

You think all that you need is an armchair? If you think about it, there are many other pieces of furniture that you could afford thanks to Move&Rent’s rental offers. In addition to renting an armchair, why not add a coffee table, a bookcase and a rug? Specifically, at Move&Rent, we allow you to make bulk rentals of multiple items which is clearly much more practical. This way, you can easily furnish your home and simplify any future move(s).

What happens at the end of the contract?

Great question! In simple terms, our rental contracts range one month up to a year which means you could rent a chair for just one month! Afterwards, when the rental contract is finished, you have the option to renew it if you like the chair (and any other furniture that you’ve rented) and want to keep it a little longer. However, if you don’t want to keep it, we will come and collect the furniture from your home. This allows you to start a new contract for other items if you so wish.

Why wait to find out more about chair rental? The concept of short rentals offered by Move&Rent allows you to change your flat’s decor whenever you wish and multiple times. Even more than that, thanks to renting, you won't have any more unnecessary constraints on your moves. Additionally, please know that you can contact us if you have any questions. We provide you with advisers who can be reached five days a week. Whether you have concerns about which products to choose, questions about the rental concept we offer or if you need any more information about the duration of our rental contracts, just contact us!



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Delivery 5 days a week

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