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The Bathroom

The bathroom is often a rather confined space and largely composed of the usual elements of bath, shower and the like. But that is not all. Storage is very important in this room as there is a wide variety of items to store. There is furniture to be arranged, cupboards or shelves, suitable lighting adapted for bathroom use, but also why not other functional objects in this space of relaxation and rest that is the bathroom?

Adaptable and flexible bathroom furniture

For example, you can easily install a large capacity shelf unit underneath the handbasin. This one has a rear opening easy installation. If your handbasin is not suitable for a piece of furniture, you can install some corner furniture. Dependent on available space in your bathroom, you can choose storage units ranging from horizontal or vertical, floor-standing or mounted, with drawers or doors, or with fittings or compartments for accessories. No more problems storing clean towels or bulky electrical appliances.

An electric towel rail that can also be used as a space heater can easily be installed in a corner; shower accessories can enhance the shower’s functionality and mirrored cupboards can make things seem more spacious. There are so many options to enhance the bathroom that can make it seem bigger.

All in strict compliance with our environmental charter.

Click on the furniture that matches your room’s requirements or that you simply want. Brand-new, it will be delivered and installed then collected when you no longer want it. The furniture will then have a second life as it will be resold as second-hand furniture. Nothing is discarded in order to promote and support the circular economy. Respect for the environment is vital and in all our interests

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Delivery 5 days a week

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