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Decorating a home is an art in itself. Choose a Pakistani or modern rug, a sofa or two armchairs, matching or multicoloured chairs, table or hanging lamps, pictures or posters... The imaginative IKEA decorative designers allow you to visualise your home in just a few clicks.

Appropriate décor for each room

Décor selection will obviously vary according to which room in the house is being considered: the choice of decor will not be the same. For example, more pastel colours in a child’s room with playful elements such as a child's rug. In a bedroom, you might opt for more personalised decor for the walls and floor. A Persian rug might be best in a living room, whilst in a more personal space, perhaps a warmer plain carpet. Wooden or metal coat racks will differ between a bedroom or a hallway. Equally, bathroom shelves vary from shelves used in a dressing room, kitchen or office. Paintings decorating a bedroom will differ from those hung from the living room's picture rails, etc...

Change of decor

Rather than calling in an interior decorator, you can have fun designing your own living spaces. All you have to do is gather the elements that appeal to you. Move & Rent offers you all kinds of ideas and suggestions that will stimulate your imagination and allow you to mix and match decorative item combinations: even those that might not appear compatible at first glance. Decoration is a constantly changing art: one that constantly reinvents itself yet that everyone can practice. Indeed, there are many more decorations than decorators. The rental concept’s simplicity aside, Move & Rent gives you the ability to make mistakes, change your mind or modify your decor as you see fit.

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