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Whether it's for student accommodation, a family or holiday home, you will definitely find something to suit your needs at Move&Rent: NEW furniture rental throughout France.

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Armchairs, tables, chairs, desks, couches... Scandinavian, modern, design... Functional, comfortable, practical... Explore the whole world of Move&Rent furniture delivered and assembled in less than a week to furnish your home.

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Furnish your flat with Move&Rent furniture rental

When you move house or want to change your living room decor, several problems can subtly present themselves to you: how much? Which shops to visit? How to transport the items? In order to assist the indecisive or those looking for a specific item, Move&Rent offers the rental of NEW furniture. Individuals and businesses alike can benefit from new furniture at low prices and adapted to your requirements. Scandinavian, Vintage or Classic, treat yourself to furniture that matches your style from between one month to a year

Don't worry about delivery, Move&Rent takes care of everything! This solution proves to be very practical, especially when you settle on a 3-seater sofa bed that has to be carried up over four floors and without a lift ... It would otherwise be too easy!

How does the furniture rental business work?

In recent years, the rental market has exploded: homes, cars, clothes. From now on, we try to buy responsibly and at a reasonable price so that we can change things when we want. Everything (or almost everything) can be rented, including furniture to equip a flat! Chair, bed, light, coffee table... Find your bliss at Move&Rent!

Furnish your home in four steps :

1 / Your future furniture is already waiting for you

Need to rent a bed or a coffee table? Scandinavian or Classic? Choose from a wide range of NEW products with almost 300 items. To save time, explore our pre-designed packs. Per room, type of flat or style, Move&Rent has chosen a selection to offer you turnkey packages.

2 / Duration of rental

Enjoy your furniture from between one month and up to a year! Afterwards, you can always extend your contract at a discounted rate. If you want to change your decor, we will come and collect the different items and deliver new ones. You should also be aware that in the interests of ecology and the circular economy, Move&Rent is committed to finding new users for your old furniture!

3 / Delivery address

Fill in the address where the furniture will be delivered in order to view the furniture selection available near you.

4 / Confirm your order then wait for the arrival of your furniture

After (virtually) furnishing the flat of your dreams with the furniture available, confirm your order and set a delivery date. We will quickly get in touch with you to find an available spot! Deliveries are made five days a week to fit your schedule.

What furniture is available for rent at Move&Rent?

On Move&Rent, find all the required items to furnish studios or flats with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms. They can also adapt to redecorate your office for example! The choices are endless, it's up to you to create living spaces that match your style and feel good to live in.

Living room

You can choose between different sofa types. It can be straight, convertible or corner. Later, complete your living room with a lovely armchair and a pouffe to accommodate more guests. As for the TV corner, add a TV cabinet and a bookcase to complete this relaxation area.

Kitchen and dining room

Enjoy good food at your new table whilst sitting comfortably on one of the many chairs available. For those who want to go up in the world, bar tables and stools are there to be explored. The small side tables can be placed next to you to hold a drink or a plate. Have a great time with friends or family thanks to furniture rental adapted to your kitchen.


Put a computer on the desk of your choice whilst sitting peacefully on a chair of the same style. To store your papers and documents, choose from a wide range of desk storage units and mobile pedestals. Finally, add a little touch of light with a modern or classic lamp. With Move&Rent you'll have everything you need to work tranquilly!


For adults or children, Move&Rent offers a complete range of rental furniture for tranquil nights. Single or twin beds, get the pack including the mattress, box spring and frame to furnish everything. You can also explore the bedside tables where you can put your book before being embraced by the arms of Morpheus. To have a clutter-free room, add a wardrobe or chest of drawers!


Furnish your bathroom or shower room with furniture and storage space. With these shelves you can store your products and accessories. Your towels and flannels will also find their place on this compact occasional furniture.


Your baby also has the right to enjoy NEW rental furniture. Their cot and changing table are already waiting for them. Choose a high chair to place around your dining table or a pram for everyday use.

Your flat's decor

Move&Rent does not stop at just renting furniture. We help you add small touches of colour with these decorative elements. Place these carpets and lamps wherever you want and find the layout that suits you!

Select your favourite piece of furniture on our website from amongst the brands on offer: IKEA, Move&Rent, Gautier Office.

Équipez votre appartement de façon responsable

Protection of the planet is at the heart of many people's lives today. From now on, everyone pays more attention and adapts their consumption habits. Little by little, minds change and tend towards less, but better! These trends can be found in different areas of daily life: clothing, food and now in furniture rental

Rental sites have been booming for some years. However, delivery can be an issue in the case of interior furnishings. Indeed, buying a coat is simple because it can be sent or picked up in person. When it comes to a dining table, it quickly becomes more complicated. We want to buy responsibly, but logistical constraints quickly catch up with us.

With Move&Rent, you can combine ecology and economy and contribute to the circular economy! The furniture for rent is NEW and in perfect condition. So you can afford to furnish your home with beautiful furniture. At the end of the contract, everything is taken care of by our partners in order to find a new family for your furniture. A second life awaits it! And, the icing on the cake, we take care of the delivery!

Moving, short term lease, happy event? Everyone can enjoy the choice and simplicity of Move&Rent. Explore furniture rental, and create a world in which you can feel good. Thanks to this wide range of furniture, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Don't hesitate to contact us, our customer service is available five days a week to guide you with furniture rental!

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Delivery 5 days a week

Delivery 5 days a week

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