Professional mobility: going with a change of mind

Gabrielle Rodier, founder of Switch up platform, shares with Move & Rent, her vision of professional mobility. She puts into perspective the different compagnies of this business, more and more digital, in order to go along with life changes.

Professionals travel more and more

Switch Up is a company that helps professionals in their arrival and integration in a new city. It was created in 2016 due to a simple observation: nowadays, more and more professionals are required to move out several times during their career, and they need to be more attended in these life changes.

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“Moving out for professional reasons is not only finding a place to stay. In which neighbourhood do I wish to live? What kind of transportation do I need ? In which school can I registrer mi kids ? Will my spouse find a new job? It is more difficult than what we imagine” explains the founder Gabrielle Rodier.

She knows what she talks about. She moved out 13 times in her whole life and travelled from Senegal to New Caledonia, with a stop in Australia.

Such a reality that compagnies even more realize:  98% of Switch Up guests are employers who wish to attend their employees the best as they can in their professional mobility. It is a Human Resources challenge: a happy employee in his new life will be more engaged in his job and faithful to his company.

Helping out with a relaxed change of life

Services proposed by Switch Up or Move & Rent offer tranquility to professionals living a strong emotional experience. When Move & Rent is in charge from A to Z of the furniture rental, its assembly, delivery, installation, and removal at the end of the contract, Switch Up proposes a larger support.

Being in charge of looking for an accommodation, school registrations, applying to social security and health insurance... or again looking for a job for the spouse, the company from Nantes wants to respond “à la carte” to everyone needs.

« I remember a Russian family who moved in Nantes. They accepted to move out only if the employer could guarantee that their daughter could continue her figure skating classes” tells Gabrielle Rodier.

« Far away from being a whim, it enables points of reference and reassure the family members, also involved in a new life adventure”.

To be part of this aspect of understanding and perception, necessary to someone’s arrival in a new city, Switch Up proposes a “welcomers” network. Inhabitants from the city, these persons are chosen and trained to different services of the platform.

Helping out professional mobility thanks to digital technology.

The two actors of professional mobility meet because both of them chose a digital support to propose their services. It makes reservation and communication easier, corresponding to today’s uses.

«A quick service, acting locally and at a fair price, that is what mobility actors such as Switch Up and Move & Rent offer thanks to digital technology. Our trades are not new, we have to constantly keep developing and adopt a new way of thinking”, reminds Gabrielle Rodier.




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